Kerrang! - 'Awesome' 3K

Louder Than War - "Massive riffs and unbelievably impressive vocal have to hold their own against the energy of their audience. This is band who are quite something live."

Inter:Mission Bristol - "#1 most exciting 'Almost Famous' band. Think a Hole-era Courtney Love with more soap."

Uber Rock - "Loud, raucous and raw. Darker, punchier, and back to basics."

Absolute Music Press - "EPD have hit the nail on the proverbial head as they dig deep with ‘Wonderland‘."

PlanetMosh - "10/10"

The Musical Outcast - "Everything has a purpose, there is no wasted motion, no pointless posturing, everything just works together in total rock fused harmony"

Jessica Rose/Music Mondays - "They're the punk rock equivalent of Marmozets. They're badass, with a streak of rebellion, whilst possessing an arsenal of powerful riffs and thunderous drum work."